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Join us as we

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on April 30!

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Give between April 1-April 30 and your gift will be doubled up to $13,000!

Seniors & adults with disabilities have somewhere to call when they need help with everyday essential rides, errands, and tasks!

Including people like:

  • Arthur – Arthur was diagnosed with cancer. When Arthur needed treatments at the cancer center located in Wyoming MN, Interfaith’s drivers took him back and forth to radiation appointments 5 days a week. Arthur’s family said “What a relief! Now we can focus on Dad’s care.”

  • Stanley – Stanley was driving himself to dialysis appointments multiple days a week. But, when he found himself nodding off while driving, he knew he needed help. He called Interfaith and now volunteers help him get safely to his appointments.

  • Mary Gretchen – Never getting her driver’s permit left Mary Gretchen dependent on her husband. But after he was no longer able to drive them, Mary Gretchen did not know how she would get her monthly groceries or pick up her prescriptions. Interfaith volunteers help get her there. She says “Say thank you for all their help. It would be awful hard to try to find somebody to do these things if I didn’t have Interfaith.”

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Interfaith Client - Mary Gretchen

Interfaith is the helping hand Arthur, Stan, Mary Gretchen, and others need to stay independent. What sets Interfaith apart, is that all help provided is at no cost. In fact, Interfaith Caregivers of Polk County coordinates the only no cost rides available in Polk County, WI.


 Because we don’t charge for our services and we want everyone to get the help they need, we rely on the generosity of our community – generosity from people like you! And this month, you can be a part of something bigger!

When you give BIG this April, you’re joining others who want seniors & adults with disabilities to have a place they can receive help with everyday essential errands and tasks so they can continue living independently.


Your giving stays local, and with it, our staff is able to find rides for people like Arthur who need to go to the doctor, or people, like Mary Gretchen, who need someone to take them shopping.

Without your support, who would Mary Gretchen call? Or other people who need help with rides, chores, and other basic necessities?

Will you give your best gift today to ensure that our program and services are here to continue providing compassionate care for our neighbors - maybe even yours?

Please show your support today!

Give below!

Your kindness ensures that Interfaith will be here for you and the people you love the most.

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