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Join us as we

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on April 25!

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Give between April 3-April 25 and your gift will be doubled up to $13,000!

Seniors & adults with disabilities have a place they can receive help with everyday errands and tasks here at Interfaith Caregivers.

Including people like one of our clients, who had been driving himself to the closest dialysis center, 50 miles away, three days a week, for his 6:30 AM treatment slot (meaning he had a 3:30 AM wake-up time!) But with the 3-4 hour procedure, early mornings, and almost 2-hour round trip commute, he found himself nodding off while driving, - a dangerous situation for both himself and others.

He knew he needed to do something. His options were limited, and with no public transportation in Polk County, we were his last hope. We put a call for help on our Facebook page. You won't believe what happened next...

It reached over 7,900 viewers with people reaching out to help the next day! Turns out that most of the people who volunteered were friends and neighbors of our new friend. Many of them knew he had health struggles but didn't know how bad things were.

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You'd be surprised how often that's the case. Many clients, including our friend, don't want to be a burden to anyone, so they don't ask for the help that they desperately need. Or they may not have anyone who can help them. Then what do they do?

Here's where Interfaith comes in. Interfaith daily helps clients get the help they need with every day essential tasks. We screen and onboard clients and pair them with an approved volunteer to help them. We make dozens of phone calls a day arranging rides, grocery deliveries, friendly visits, house cleaning, and more all at no cost to our clients!

In order for Interfaith to keep helping people like our friend, it will take generous supporters that are committed to keeping Interfaith here.

This is where YOU can help!

Will you give your best gift today to ensure that our program and services are here to continue providing compassionate care for our neighbors - maybe even yours?

Please show your support today! Give below!

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Thank you for caring about your friends and neighbors in the community! To learn more about our friend's story, click here!

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