Why give? Because your gift changes lives....

Your donation will be used to help people like Sandy. 

     48-year-old Sandy's life changed when she suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of being hit by a motor vehicle. Immediately after the accident she was in a coma and placed on a feeding tube. Her family was faced with the decision to pull the plug.


Doctors said that if she pulled through she would never be able to speak or drive. With her faith in God, she started her road to recovery.


Sandy moved to the Dresser area to be closer to family.  After struggling to find affordable transportation to get to her therapy appointments, she called Interfaith Caregivers. 


With the help of seven volunteers, Sandy now attends therapy in Stillwater, MN three times a week. 

She has gained her speech back and is steadily increasing her mobility. Maybe someday in the future she will even be able to drive herself!