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Do volunteers get any training?

General Questions:

What is Interfaith Caregivers?

Since 1995, Interfaith Caregivers has been helping seniors and adults with disabilities in Polk County, WI. We coordinate volunteers to help our clients so they can live in their homes for as long as possible.


Interfaith Caregivers’ Mission Statement:

Coordinating volunteers to help seniors and adults with disabilities maintain their independence.

What type of services do you have?

  • Rides to and from appointments

  • Rides for shopping or errands

  • Rides for cancer treatment, dialysis, or medical specialists

  • Visits at home to provide companionship

  • Help with small chores like changing a light bulb or installing a grab bar

  • Rise & Shine – a daily call-in/check-in service

  • Reading the newspaper, magazine, or mail to someone

  • Light housekeeping (when a volunteer is available)

  • Help balancing a checkbook

  • Visiting with someone so their caregiver can take a break

  • A phone call to check in or just talk

  • Spring and Fall outdoor yard chores

What do services cost?

  • We don’t charge for our services

  • There are no income guidelines to use our services

  • Our volunteers donate their time and miles to help you, their neighbors

  • There are costs to Interfaith Caregivers to offer these services. We gratefully appreciate donations

  • Your donations help us offer services to others

Do you ever deny services to anyone?

  • We only drive clients that can get to and from and in and out of a vehicle on their own

  • We are unable to offer wheelchair transportation

  • Our volunteers don’t lift or move people

  • We don’t give medications

  • We don’t assist with bathing or toileting

  • We don’t provide services to clients enrolled with Inclusa or IRIS (Those programs get money to offer these services)

  • We serve people of all faiths or no professed faith (We do not promote religion)

  • We conduct background checks on all potential clients

  • We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason

Are you associated with Polk County Government?

  • Interfaith Caregivers is not a part of the Polk County government.

  • We do not get funding from county, state or federal taxes.

  • We do work very closely with the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) and Human Services


How do you get clients?

  • Most clients call us themselves.

  • Others are encouraged by their families to sign up for services.

  • Hospitals and other local agencies refer people to us.

  • Short term and long term services are available.

Do I qualify to be a client?

You May Qualify For Our Services If You:​

  • Live in Polk County, WI

  • Are 60 years old or older

  • Are an adult with a disability

  • Are a full time caregiver 

  • Can get to and from and into a car or truck with no hands-on help from a volunteer

  • Don’t need a volunteer to give you your medicine

  • Don’t need a volunteer to give baths or showers

  • Don’t need to be lifted or moved​​

If you are disabled and under 60 you will be required to provide us with a copy of your award letter from Social Security. Some exceptions apply. Call (715) 483-8500 to sign up for services.

At this time, we are unable to accommodate rides for people in wheelchairs

I need to get to a specialist in the Twin Cities. Can someone help me?

  • Not all of our volunteers will drive to the Twin Cities

  • If we have a volunteer willing to drive to the Twin Cities, we might be able to get you there

For more information or questions, please call (715) 483-8500 or click here to submit a client service application.


Who are your volunteers?

  • Our volunteers come from communities in and around Polk County

  • They offer friendship, rides, and other help to someone who lives nearby

  • Many people volunteer as a way to pay it forward

How much time is needed to volunteer?

  • You can volunteer as often or as little as you want

  • We’re flexible!  You can say “yes” when your schedule allows: once a week, monthly, as needed, or special events

  • Summer residents and people who go south for the winter are wanted

How do you become a volunteer?

  • Potential volunteers must complete an application.

  • Potential volunteers must pass a background check and attend a short orientation.

  • If you want to drive for us you must have a valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance

How do you match a client with a volunteer?

  • Our staff works to understand the needs of our clients

  • We do our best to match a volunteer with someone with similar interests

  • We will try to make matches that suit everyone’s schedule and location

How many volunteers do you have?

  • In 2023, we had 158 regular volunteers

  • We have many one-time volunteers that help us with spring and fall yard projects

  • We always need more volunteers in all areas of Polk County


How much do donors usually give?

  • We accept donations of all sizes

  • No gift is too small…or too big! Give only what you can afford to give

  • Visit the Donations page to see how you can help

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