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Luann Olson, Program Director

Luann began her career with Interfaith Caregivers in June of 2016 as the Financial and Program Assistant.  Over the next six years she moved into the position of Assistant Director & Finance, and after the  retirement of long-time Director, Karen Krupa, Luann took over the position of Program Director. In this position, she oversees daily operations and works to ensure that Polk County seniors and adults with disabilities will continue to have the essential services that they need to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. Luann has an associate degree in Nonprofit Leadership and has earned technical diplomas in Leadership Essentials and Nonprofit Professional. She grew up in  Polk County and has spent over 20 years working for local nonprofits.

When I came to Interfaith, I was surprised by the number of people in our area who relied on the program for something as simple as a ride to the grocery store. It made me realize that not everyone has someone close by who can lend a hand when they need one. I think of my own family and how many times I’ve helped rake leaves in the Fall, picked up a few groceries, or reprogramed the TV remote. Those things don’t seem very important, but those little things make the difference when it comes to living in your own home. As our population ages, programs like Interfaith will become more important than ever.

Mickey Gebhard, Client and Volunteer Services Coordinator

Mickey joined Interfaith Caregivers in November 2019.  She spent 15 years in development raising funds for seniors that helped provide housing and community outreach services. The last 14 years, she managed the Volunteer Partners program at St. Croix Regional Medical Center.  She has been a caregiver, volunteer and known many who have benefited from Interfaith Caregivers services.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with such amazing, kind, and caring people who give from the heart throughout my career.  I’m excited to join Interfaith Caregiver’s team and grateful for the opportunity to work with staff, volunteers, clients, and donors to help seniors and adults with disabilities in our community live independently.  I’m glad to be part of such an important program that makes a difference in people’s lives especially now with the growth of our aging population along with senior housing, caregiver, and transportation limitations in our county.”


Rachel (Raye) Darst,  Bookkeeper

Raye joined Interfaith Caregivers as a Bookkeeper in 2022.  She has spent her career in Accounting & Finance and volunteering where she can.


I learned a lot about caregiving at an early age with my Aunt who was a special needs adult.  She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known!  Then when my mother got sick and my parents moved in with us, she needed 24/7 care.  It’s very rewarding helping others & being involved with the community.”


Emily Dressel,  Program Development & Program Lead

Emily joined Interfaith Caregivers in October of 2022. Emily’s work experiences revolve around one central theme – service. Emily brings a natural talent for communication and empathy which have helped many individuals in her previous roles. A born leader, she has spoken and served as a trainer and speaker on both a regional and national level and loves encouraging and educating. She enjoys true connections and relationships and is described as a cheerleader, positive light, and an inspiration. She is excited to serve at Interfaith in her role of Program Development!


“Working to help keep seniors and adults with disabilities remain independent in their homes resonates in my heart. I know all too well how much staying independent means. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, I had to set my independence aside (super hard for a go-getter!) and rely on my husband for help. I know how grateful I was to him and my team of doctors who helped me adapt and adjust during this challenging time and couldn’t imagine not having a support system to help me through. What a gift to work with Interfaith and be in a position to pay it forward and help others maintain their independence! Looking forward to serving you!”


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