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& Shine 

Rise & Shine is a daily check-in call service for seniors and adults with disabilities.

The program is designed for individuals who live alone or families who worry that something could happen to a loved one and no one would know.

Not only does Rise & Shine provide a safety net for unplanned circumstances like a fall or illness, it also provides peace of mind.

Program Details

To register for this program contact our office by phone at (715) 483-8500.


Once registered, clients just need to make a quick phone call to a special number each day before 11:00 am to let staff know they are safe. Though they won't speak with a live person, staff will listen to make sure each client has "checked in". 

Testimonial ~ 

"I joined Rise & Shine as an Act of Independence. I'm personally responsible for my own safety. Being alone is a BIG deal! I have steps everywhere and an active dog. Anything could happen! It's a relief to call in every morning and know if something does [happen], I'll be found. We need to learn to accept help."


If for some reason a client doesn't call to notify us that they are safe,

our follow-up process will be activated.

Staff will call to make sure everything is ok. If we can't reach our client,

we will contact the emergency contact listed. In the case that no one is able to reach the client, Interfaith staff will contact local authorities and request that a well check be done.   


This service is offered at no cost to clients and it's simple to get started!


For more information or questions, please call (715) 483-8500 to have a client service application mailed to you.

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