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Home for the Holidays!

2023 Appeal

There's no place like home for the holidays, and someone who knows this well is our friend Caleb! Check out his video below!

Caleb is nonverbal and autistic and loves helping others and staying busy – all while smiling ear to ear! After his job coaching program ended, Caleb was left with nothing to do. He felt restless, unhappy, and lost. His mom, Darla, says,

“Bubba’s purpose in life is to have purpose. That’s what gives him joy.”

Caleb's mom knew they needed to find a long-term solution. And she found it - a place where Caleb could keep busy and live independently. She just needed a little helping hand to make that happen.

She contacted other transportation programs but was either turned down or the cost was more than the family could afford. That’s when a friend suggested she call Interfaith Caregivers. We're so glad she did because there’s so much Interfaith can help with!


Interfaith offers no-cost services such as rides, grocery and prescription deliveries, food box deliveries, yard work, friendly phone calls & visits, running errands, and more to those who need it most! Interfaith was the solution they were searching for.

Now, Interfaith volunteers help Caleb get to and from his day program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays each week – and he is thriving!

And the truth is, if it weren’t for generous supporters, like you, giving your best, Interfaith would not be here to help seniors and adults with disabilities in Polk County.

Without your support, there is a strong possibility that Caleb and others in the community would lose the chance to gain or maintain their independence.

Would you join us as we work to help people like Caleb stay independent? Your best gift helps someone in the community, maybe even someone you know, get that extra helping hand so they can stay living at home! Please give as generously as you can by donating below.

Your gift ensures that seniors and adults with disabilities can be Home for the Holidays and beyond!

And that is one of the best gifts you can give!


Join us in making this holiday season even brighter for those in need in our community!


Thank you for caring about your friends and neighbors in the community!

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