& Shine 

The Rise and Shine Program provides a safety net for seniors and adults with disabilities who live alone. The client calls into a special phone number at a specific time. This program ensures each client has someone to check-in with daily. 


Program Details

Client's Responsibilities

  • Client must register for this program

  • Client is responsible for calling in every day before 11:00 am

    • Client will reach an answering machine

    • Leave their name and the town they live in only (ex: “Hi, this is Jane from Osceola checking in.”)

    • Client will not be connected to a live person (do not leave additional information)

    • Client should not expect a call back

  • Client is responsible, in advance, to let Interfaith know they will be away from your home for a full day or more

  • Therefore no call will be expected 

  • Notify Interfaith Caregivers to be removed from this service

In the case, when the client does not call-in by 11:00 am, follow-up procedures are activated​*

  • Staff will call the client to see if they are OK

  • If client can not be reached, Interfaith will contact the person the client listed as the Local Emergency Contact

  • Local Emergency Contact must have a key to client's home

  • If client's Local Emergency Contact is unable to connect with client, Interfaith will contact a family member or friend - if different than the person with the key

*If the client frequently forgets to call-in, we may request that the client no longer use the service. Instead, we will find other resources. 

For more information or questions, please call (715) 483-8500 to have a client service application mailed to you.