How to
Become a 

The only special qualification to be a volunteer is the desire to help someone else.​ Along with these 3 easy steps...

1. Call or email to request a volunteer application

2. Complete Background Check because we serve a vulnerable adult populations

3. Volunteer Orientation -  A short orientation to learn more about Interfaith Caregivers and ways to help make volunteering a success. As of 8/18/2020, orientations are held online.

Volunteers are required to:

  • Provide a copy of a driver’s license or valid ID

  • Provide a copy of proof of insurance (if you will be driving for us)

  • Agree to a criminal background screening

  • Attend a volunteer orientation session

  • Record and report miles and hours spent volunteering

For more information or questions about becoming a volunteer, please call (715) 483-8500.